Gyan Mudra



Family enrichment activity involving movement, dance and yoga. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to go with the flow and leave with an open heart. 


Practice sitting or using a

chair for support, classes offer a gentler practice and guided meditation. Classes are open to all.


Awaken your true nature in a all-female gathering. Women's Circle provide women of all ages a safe place to reconnect with their inner goddess.

Children in Yoga Class

About Me

Hello and welcome to ConnectedPrana Yoga, 


My name is Cristina, and I embarked on my journey of becoming a Yoga Teacher in 2018. I am honoured to share my experience with you.


My philosophy is simple: encourage breath and movement for a stronger community. I believe we are connected through the air we breathe, and we are a stronger life source together. Prana is a Sanskrit word (प्राण) for a life-giving force, primary energy, vital force and breath. 

Since receiving my certification as a Yoga instructor, I gave birth to my daughter. My child-friendly classes are inspired by her and the need to connect families through yoga.


Yoga is a diverse practice, meaning each pose can be modified to meet the needs of the individual regardless of age. My intention as a teacher is to encourage you and your family to explore each pose in the manner that benefits you the most, to listen to your mind, body and soul, to provide a safe space and to support a life of gratitude, love, forgiveness and compassion.

~ Cristina



“My husband, two children and I attended the rainbow yoga class with Cristina, and we had a great time! It was a really nice way to start the day together. Cristina is wonderful with the children, and very kind and approachable. She is very welcoming and invites the children to participate. My kids loved the movement, songs and scarves, and they were both really comfortable. We love We Rock the Spectrum and it’s so nice to see other family activities being offered there. We will definitely be back!”

Andrea L