Yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history. Yoga is the english translation for the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning to yoke or bind. Yoga is what you make of it, some gravitate towards the physical practice (asana) while others are drawn to the mind and spiritual practice. Yoga can also be a combination practice with the aim of improving both physical and mental health with a spiritual connection.

What Is Yoga?

Om can be associated with a number of world traditions. It is believed that Om (AUM) chants help connect the teacher to their students and the students with one another. The vibration of the word is said to align the individual to the universe. Namaste translates to “I bow to you”, the word is used as a respectful acknowledgment of one soul to another. You may choose not to chant Om or say Namaste. 

What Does Om And Namaste Mean?

We know the universe works in mysterious ways therefore we are happy to reschedule your prepaid session. We want you to experience the benefits yoga can have on your mind, body and soul. We do ask for at least 24 hours notice where possible. Fees are plus HST.

What Are The Terms & Conditions?

Yes, we do! We can provide private, semi-private and group sessions. Sessions types include Vinyasa (flow), Hatha (slow-paced), and Restorative (total body and mind relaxation). Full details on our plan section. 

Do You Offer Non-Office Sessions?

We sure do! We will work with your team and space to create fun-filled workshops for your team or special event. 

Do You Offer Workshops or Special Event Sessions?

Comes as you are! You and your team do not need to be flexible to practice. Yoga can aid in your flexibility, your strength, coordination and more importantly aid in your team's mental and physical balance. 

Do I Need To Be Flexible?

If you have prior yoga experience our plans will aid in strengthening your practice. If our plans are your first yoga experience we encourage you and your team to attend all sessions to feel a real change. The more you practice the greater the results. 

Does Workplace Yoga Replace My Regular Practice?

All you need is a water bottle! We would advise against any open top containers like coffee mugs to avoid any spills. You can wear your office attire or change into a more comfortable and light outfit. Mats are conveniently provided however you can bring your own mat if you would like.

What Do I Bring And Wear?

A full stomach can hinder your practice and breathing. We recommend no heavy meals 2 hours before planned sessions. If you need to eat we recommend a very light snack. 

What Do I Eat?

We practice yoga without shoes. You can practice chair yoga with socks if it will aid in your comfort. It's important to have a firm foundation when using a mat, for this reason we recommend practicing yoga without socks. 

What About My Shoes And Socks?

Consult your health care provider for all injuries or health concerns. Best practice is to listen to your body. 

What If I Have An Injury?

Sessions will start as scheduled, we encourage you to arrive with enough time to settle in. Our sessions are designed to provide your team with a boost, give yourself the 30 or 60 minutes to bring some balance into your workplace. 

What If I'm Running Late Or Need To Leave Early?