What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5,000 year long history. Yoga is the English translation for the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning to yoke or bind. Yoga is what you make of it:  some gravitate towards the physical practice, (asana,) while others are drawn to the mind and spiritual practice. Yoga can also be a combination practice with the aim of improving both physical and mental health with a spiritual connection.

What Do Om And Namaste Mean?

Om can be associated with a number of world traditions. It is believed that Om (AUM) chants help connect the teacher to their students and the students with one another. The vibration of the word is said to align the individual to the universe. Namaste translates to “I bow to you.” The word is used as a respectful acknowledgment of one soul to another. You may respectfully choose not to chant Om or say Namaste. 

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

Unless otherwise stated, all classes including private require the use of a personal mat.

What If I'm Running Late Or Need To Leave Early?

Classes will begin promptly and as scheduled. You are encouraged to arrive within enough time to settle in before we begin. For the benefit of all class participants, to minimize disruptions, and for you to experience all of the benefits of the class, you are encouraged to stay for the entire duration.

What Are The Terms & Conditions?

Classes in partnership with community partners terms and conditions vary and based on individual policies. Review partner terms and conditions for full details. Classes booked directly with ConnectedPrana Yoga can be reschedule with 24hr notice. 24hr notice will allow us time to refill your spot. Fees are plus GST. 

Do I Need To Be Flexible?

Comes as you are! You do not need to be flexible to practise. Yoga can aid in your flexibility, your strength, coordination.

What Do I Bring And Wear?

Yoga mat and a water bottle are recommended. Wear comfortable clothing and come dressed ready to have fun and move around. 

Can I eat before the class?

A full stomach can hinder your practice and breathing. If you need to eat, we recommend consuming just a very light snack including those with little yogis.

What can I expect from the child-friendly classes?

Child-friendly classes are not designed as an adult exercise, instead they are parent/caregiver-child enrichment activity involving movement and yoga. Expect to laugh, dance, sing and shake your sillies out. This is child-led, if your child isn't engaged in a certain pose, that’s okay. Keep going! Offer load of encouragement, have fun and leave with an open heart!

Is the class open to the whole family?

Yes, all are welcome to attend. Families of all kinds are invited to join in on the fun. No prior experience is required. Classes are designed to build connections between the whole family.

I'm hesitating signing up my child for a yoga class because they can't sit still

As the attention spans of young children are unpredictable, their focus on the class may fluctuate, and that's OKAY! Offer loads of encouragement and reassurance. Every single child learns differently, some may wander around the room. Others may just sit the entire class. Let go of any expectations and go with the flow.

What If I Have An Injury?

Consult your health care provider for all injuries or health concerns. The best practice is to listen to your body. 

What About My Shoes And Socks?

We practise yoga without shoes. It's important to have a firm foundation when using a mat, and for this reason, we also recommend practising yoga without socks. 

Woman practicing yoga