Child-friendly Yoga

Designed as enrichment activity involving movement, dance and yoga, parents/caregivers are encouraged to go with the flow and leave with an open heart. 

Pregnancy Yoga
Family Yoga

Children are encouraged to lead their own practice, moving in ways that support their imagination. Supportive dialogue is used to empower each member, this is a great opportunity for both parent/caregiver and child to observe and learn from each other. 

​​Theme classes are designed to ignite imagination. Healthy emotional regulation is supported through breathing techniques in every class.

Age: 2 - 7 Years 

Toddler Yoga

Learn about toddler's emerging personality through song, dance and gentle yoga as you strengthen your connection. Breathing techniques will be introduced to set a healthy foundation.


As the attention spans of young children are unpredictable, their focus on the class may fluctuate, and that's OKAY! 

Age: 8 Months - 3.5 Years 

Mother and Baby Exercising

Women's Circle

Awaken your true nature in a all-female gathering. Women's Circle provide women of all ages a safe place to reconnect with their inner goddess.

Chair Yoga

Practice sitting or using a chair for support, chair yoga offers a gentler practice and guided meditation. 

Fitness Ladies
Women's Circle

Come dance, sing, and move as you reconnect with your inner warrior. Women's Circles are designed to provide a place free of judgment, a place to be heard, seen and to be celebrated. 


This is a sacred circle. Gentle yoga and journaling will guide the circle. Confidentiality is respected. Share what feels right for you. Online or private bookings only​

Age: All women

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle yoga practices done sitting or using a chair for support and open to all adults regardless of age, flexibility level or experience.  


Designed to enhance general wellbeing and restore balance, students are encouraged to feel each pose in a manner that fit's their comfort. 

Age: 18 +

White Chair in an Empty Room